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Link: Woven Wishes

Woven Wishes

The name of the pueblo San Valen was inspired by my mother’s name and her pueblo Santa Ana which I visited for a couple days during my first visit to Mexico. Mostly stories set in this collection are magical realism. I’m borrowing from sayings I’ve heard from parents and other family members and I’m spinning them into something new.

This particular story was something I wrote in the fall of my Senior year for a class called Social Science fiction. The prompt was fishes since we’d read Judy Budnitz’s short story, “Flush.” The original draft was shorter and didn’t have quite as much Spanish since back then I was still struggling with the idea of including my native tongue in my fiction. Everyone in my class enjoyed it and were curious to read more about the relationships between the women since there weren’t any mention of men.

Now here I am, more than a year later knowing full well men are not welcomed in this pueblito and that magic and Gods are.


Link: The Holy and The Broken

The Holy and The Broken


I’ve been staring at this story for like… two years. No seriously. I wrote this in Junior year of college and it’s gone through three workshops since then and I’ve wanted to submit it places but they don’t allow other languages which is frankly BULLSHIT but whatever.

This is part of a larger short story collection which I’ve been plotting for over a year. It serves as a history for another trilogy set in the future where space travel and colonization is finally a thing but you know me I have to focus on the ramifications this has on people and how it suddenly gentrifies and changes homes. But anyway this collection is an homage to my home city. But with more lesbians. And bisexual/gay/trans/asexual men, women and non-binary people. BECAUSE REASONS.

Link: US Immigration Reform Protests (023/100)

First things first, there’s been a change in the blog name. I decided that “rusty” really wasn’t the right word. Many of the entries on these blogs are backed up from my LJ or they’ve been carefully thought out and edited several times before published. I’ve used the word “sanded” before and I just felt like in this case, that felt far more appropriate.

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US Immigration Reform Protests (2006)

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Comic & Fanfic: Go Get a Roomie… Experimental Theology… a city of fools (020-022/100)

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I’ve decided to return to this meme I’ve forgotten about.

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Fanfic: How I Survived… This Trailer Park… Social Networking… His Fate Will (015-018/100)

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All right then, I’d rather not think about RL rn. I’ve got research I’m procrastinating on as well as Christmas presents I should be working on. Also there is my thesis and ugh. Just nope. Do not want to think about any of it. Instead I’ve got recs! These are fics I’ve managed to read in the past month I cry at the small amount I’ve been able to read, damn thesis getting in the way and they’re all kind of amazing.

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