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Link: US Immigration Reform Protests (023/100)

First things first, there’s been a change in the blog name. I decided that “rusty” really wasn’t the right word. Many of the entries on these blogs are backed up from my LJ or they’ve been carefully thought out and edited several times before published. I’ve used the word “sanded” before and I just felt like in this case, that felt far more appropriate.

Originally posted at livejournal on 14 December 2014 @ 02:53 am

US Immigration Reform Protests (2006)

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Comic & Fanfic: Go Get a Roomie… Experimental Theology… a city of fools (020-022/100)

Originally posted at livejournal on 09 July 2014 @ 07:51 pm

I’ve decided to return to this meme I’ve forgotten about.

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Book: Boundaries (019/100)

Originally posted at livejournal on 14 April 2014 @ 05:22 pm

Oh damn. It’s been a month since my last post huh? Ugh. I meant to post like three weeks ago? Ugh idk when I uploaded this photo but whatever:


Anyway, in my publishing class we had to read this because the author was coming in for a Q&A. Now let me start by including a summary of the novel from Goodreads:

“In an age of reality TV, a husband and wife cling to Victorian notions of privacy, though doing so threatens the life of the wife. Their daughter Anna yearns for her mother’s unguarded affection, and eventually learns there is value in restraint. But Anna, a Caribbean American immigrant, finds that lesson harder to accept when, eager to assimilate in her new country, she discovers that a gap yawns between her and American-born citizens.”

You can only guess how well this went over in a class of mostly white upper middleclass students. Hint: A good portion of them didn't even read the novel.
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Fanfic: How I Survived… This Trailer Park… Social Networking… His Fate Will (015-018/100)

Originally posted at livejournal on 24 November 2013 @ 03:52 pm

All right then, I’d rather not think about RL rn. I’ve got research I’m procrastinating on as well as Christmas presents I should be working on. Also there is my thesis and ugh. Just nope. Do not want to think about any of it. Instead I’ve got recs! These are fics I’ve managed to read in the past month I cry at the small amount I’ve been able to read, damn thesis getting in the way and they’re all kind of amazing.

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Fanfic: Shadowlord and Pirate King (014/100)

Welp it’s been a while. The thirteenth post has been skipped due to the fact that it’s locked on LJ and I’d like to keep it for friends only.

Originally posted at livejournal on 27 September 2013 @ 08:06 pm.

Shadowlord and Pirate King

This fic? Really, really glorious. Lately, I haven’t read much fic in the Merlin fandom and mostly this is because I’m not over the finale yet. This fic however, was totally worth reading. It’s complex, it’s detailed and, and the sex scenes are hot. The one thing I feel I should highlight is that it has space pirates and space ninjas. Oh and it’s over 160K but no big deal.

That being said, go read it. It was a great way to distract myself from working on my thesis and it was also extremely engaging. The world loaded_march made here is just amazing. Seriously, I’m in awe of what she accomplished and just a tiny bit jealous.

Make sure to check out the art too! It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at.