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Comic & Fanfic: Go Get a Roomie… Experimental Theology… a city of fools (020-022/100)

Originally posted at livejournal on 09 July 2014 @ 07:51 pm

I’ve decided to return to this meme I’ve forgotten about.

Go Get a Roomie!
by ChloƩ C

So I’ve been on a bit of a webcomic kick lately and I love reading new ones. I’ve got three others to start reading but I’m leaving that for between breaks of writing. This webcomic seriously made me forget all about writing and I just read and enjoyed it completely. It starts off super fun and adorably nsfw and slowly becomes this soft sort of story you can’t help but realize yes, this is exactly what I need.

Experimental Theology
by Bitterblue
word count: 10,000

Okay so I don’t read much Orphan Black fic, mostly because I’m pretty satisfied with the canon but I did a search on HDM AUs for what I call “research” and this is one of the many I had open and began to read. It’s an incomplete series atm but ooohhhhh is this everything I love. It’s Delphine/Cosima and it’s got the alethiometer which always makes me giddy.

a city of fools
by Kazoobie
word count: 12,911

Okay so this was just so, so good. It’s Achievement Hunter OT6 and it’s well written which doesn’t happen often I find. It’s set in the GTA universe which is something I want to dabble in but probably won’t until my HDM AU is finished. But this made me want to forget all about daemons and just want more. It’s got the R & R connection down in such a way that I find totally believable and then there’s the Geoff/Jack bits which is just beautifully done and ahhh the Geoff/Gavin conflict was fucking perfect.

I might have more webcomics to rec in my next post. We’ll see how many finish.


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